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General sales conditions

 The following warranty conditions apply to every purchase you make from us. For products such as accessories & parts you have a 24-hour warranty with proof of receipt and/or invoice, when purchasing a bicycle you have at least 1 month warranty, with the exception of new & electric ones, you have at least 3 months warranty. The warranty does not apply to punctured tires or other damage caused after purchase. The warranty expires as soon as the company sticker is removed from the bicycle. Purchases can be returned within 7 working days if the product or part was not ordered as requested, damaged, modified, or otherwise manipulated. No products may be returned without prior approval from a secondwheels employee. an average return surcharge of 21% applies to the return of a purchased product due to VAT payment. Online photos may sometimes differ slightly from the original product




General repair conditions


When you leave your bicycle for repairs,  you automatically agree to our general terms and conditions

We always ask you to fill in your name & telephone number when submitting the repair so that we can call you as soon as the bicycle is ready again!

The bicycle can be collected without additional storage costs up to 7 days after telephone contact

After that, the free storage of your bicycle will expire and you will pay an extra €2 per day for storing/leaving your bicycle up to a maximum of €50.

If the bicycle remains parked for more than a month and you are no longer reachable or no contact is made, we will put the bicycle away as a preventive measure and later dismantle it and recycle it for scrap metal! 


General loan bicycle



If you borrow a bicycle from us, you agree to our loan conditions & pay a deposit of at least €25.

Loaner bicycles can be used for free for the first 24 hours, after which you pay € 2.50 per day & € 7 per week

When you return the bicycle, it will be checked and if the bicycle is still in the same condition as when you received it, you will of course receive your deposit back. 

If the bicycle has been removed or if something  is damaged, broken or destroyed on the bicycle, this will be deducted from the deposit and in some cases you may have to pay extra for the damage/defects caused to the bicycle. the bicycle or not returning the borrowed bicycle